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Friday, December 8, 2023
Sugar Valley Livestock • Gering, NE

Bowman Cattle Range-Raised • Ranch-Ready • Rugged 2-Year-Old Bull Sale

Friday, December 8, 2023
Sugar Valley Stockyards • Gering, Nebraska

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About Us

Welcome to Bowman Cattle and thank you for your interest.

Bowman Cattle is a hands-on family ran ranch in southeast Wyoming. For over 30 years our dedication and desire to raise sound functional cattle that will work on our ranch as well as yours, yet also realizing cattle must transgress into all segments of the beef industry.

Our females are the cornerstone of our operation. The fact that our ranch as well as your ranch is always short on labor, the Bowman Cattle female must be time tested, environment challenged and problem free.

Fertility is strengthened by one calving season with late and open cows eliminated faithfully. Our goals of selecting great teats, udders and dispositions are all real labor saving and dollar making bonuses for your ranch.

Bowman Cattle females are moderate framed efficient and expected to perform on common sense ranch rations and philosophies.

Soggy weaning weights combined with optimal performance and carcass traits are our goals, yet being efficient and fertile on the range.


Bowman Cattle strives to eliminate any problems here on our ranch before you inject them into your herd.

Our two-year-old bulls can be seen grazing most of their development period in large pastures that sometimes vary in elevation of 900 feet. They are backed by proven dams and powerful sires that will put profit in any segment of the beef industry. The majority of our bulls will not add frame to most cows, they will inject added performance fleshing ability and acceptable carcass traits.

Our philosophies of growing bulls slower and in large pastures gives you a proven mature product that is robust, fully sound and will last longer.

Range Raised, Ranch Ready, Rugged two-year-old Bulls.

Contact Us

Bowman Cattle
Registered Angus Genetics

Lyle Bowman
3410 Road 163
Pine Bluffs, WY 82082
Lyle 307-287-6503
Tina 307-575-4992